Hive-H1 Pro

Complete Anonymity with HiveGlobal

Hive-Global is a privacy/security focused decentralized communications company that offers a secure- surveillance free communication platform where your business is immune to industrial espionage.

Key Features On Hive

Decentralized. Fully Encrypted. Zero-Knowledge

hive os

P2P Encrypted Voice & Video Messages

PGP Encrypted SIM

Voice/Data-enabled encrypted A5.1; voice/number substitution features

Panic Wipe

Friends & family can remote wipe the device with a secure code

Decentralized Cloud Storage

cloud storage that utilizes Private-Key and AES-256 for encrypting user files

Zero-day Protection

Arai AI platform detects advanced malware and Zero-day exploits

Multi-Layer Security

Providing multi-layer security against the Application, Firmware, Kernel, Hypervisor, Chipset & data transmission layers


Go Dark. Use Anywhere. Leave No Trace

Governments monitor your every move to predict your behavior and to better watch over you. And cybercriminals are not indifferent to stealing your data for their nefarious purposes.

That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to take responsibility for protecting your online movements and personal information.


Device Security

Hive fully encrypted cellbrite test device, the phone on the right is not encrypted & one on the left is our Hive military grade device.

PGP Encrypted Sim Demo

PGP Encrypted sim card spoof-number & voice-changer


Hive Chat


Hive Vault

Anonymous, End to End, Peer to Peer Communication with Encrypted Voice & Video Messages.

The Vault is a highly sensitive compartmentalized layered vault where you store can various digital identities, sensitive information.

Taper Protection



Secure Encrypted VPN

Due to Hive-OS & anti tamper chip designed by google called the Titan-M chip is not only Software protected but also HARDWARE to any hackers or malicious threat attackers.

The VPN uses military-grade encryption with IP switching every 30 minutes tunneling over port 443 to ensure data privacy, security, availability and protect against DPI or VPN-blocking solutions.

Panic Wipe

Friends & family can remote wipe the device if you have lost it in a park or taken hostage to keep your data safe all with a secure code.

Anti-Phone Data Extraction Proof & Machine Hacking



Anti Snatch

With or without your password/pin no data at all can be exacted from the device due to the 4028-bit encryption USB port.  If the device is plugged into any kind of media or laptop it will self-wipe the phone and nothing is left all erased apart from the OS.

If snatched while unlocked, we have made the phone even unlocked no one can steal or copy you private photos or messages or contacts by extraction because not just will the phone self-lock it will self-wipe soon as the snatchers plug it.